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HC08: Programming A merged file

Discussion created by Rafael Ruiz on Nov 24, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2006 by Rafael Ruiz
Hi to all.

I was able to use hiwave to program a s19 file (using its abs file) and it worked without any problems.

The problem now is that i have a BIN file produced by joining to bin different files (the bootloader and the main app), and this BIN file does not has an ABS file associated with it.

So, what I'm wanting to do is to use hiwave (or any application) to program my uC with this merged BIN File, could you please help me?

I'm kinda lost with this program (hiwave) it does not has any program instruction so you can put it directly into the flash of the uC.

Thank you guys i will still finding out how to do this.

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