Paul Arnold

5208 - using flex bus c/s as address lines

Discussion created by Paul Arnold on Oct 25, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2006 by Melissa A Hunter
I'm using the MCF5208 processor configured for 32 bit data bus.
I need to address a device which has a 64MB address space which I intend to do by using one of the FBCS lines as the actual device chip select and two further FBCS lines programmed to overlap in such a way that they simulate address lines A24 and A25.
The device I need to address is 32 bits.
Has anyone done this before and is there anything I should be aware of ?
In the datasheet is the statement -
"Should an address match multiple CSARs, the matching chip select signals are driven; however, the chip select signals are driven during an external burst-inhibited bus cycle with external termination on a 32-bit port."
I am using external termination, but what does the above statement actually mean ?
Although my device is 32bits are byte and word accesses still OK in this mode ?
Any help much appreciated.