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Exit Loop

Discussion created by Barry Jaques on Oct 9, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2006 by Tom Thompson

I am using CW for Palm to create a project which needs loops.

My project has two loops, one nested inside the other.

There is an Abort button and I have put the following code inside the innermost loop which is basically a timer:

EvtGetEvent (&event, 5);

if( event.eType == penDownEvent)

{tester = 1;


Then in the other loop I have:

EvtGetEvent (&event, 5);

if (event.screenY < 132) continue;

else if (tester = 1)

{tester = 0;

FrmGotoForm (WelcomeForm);

CurrentView = WelcomeForm;

return errNone;}

This gets the job done OK but I would appreciate any advice as to whether this is acceptable method.

I really don't know of any other way to get out of the loop.