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License Authorization failed & inbox not monitored

Question asked by DAVY BAKER on Sep 16, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2006 by John Whitney
I too am having trouble* with License Authorization.   I am using the standard
edition for HCS08 version 5.1, which has all of the sudden degraded to demo mode.
Unfortunately, my messages to go unanswered.
(3 days and counting).
Is there another email address where licensing issues can get resolved ?
Better yet, can you let the superior of the employee(s) who monitor that inbox
know, so that competent help can staff that position ?
Thank you for your time.
Davy Baker
* = Ethernet node lock License Authorization seemingly worked for a few hours.   Then, I got a
dialog box that read:
Lost license: Unable to reconnect to FLEXlm license
server. CodeWarrior IDE will shutdown.
License feature: Win32_CWIDE_Unlimited
and a OK button
After clicking OK, CodeWarrior closed and so I lost my latest changes...
When I restarted CodeWarrior, I quickly learned that I was in demo mode.   So, I tried
to do the License authorization again, but this time it didn't work.   Instead, I got the message:
License authorization failed  Please try again later, or
contact: mw(-5)w32(0)
and a OK button
In desperation, I rebooted my machine.   However, the above symptom persists.
As per the tools instructions, every few hours I "try again", but the same viscious
cycle occurs.
Finally I decided to call.   However, website fails to mention phones only answered M-F.
(today is Saturday)