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Code Warrior 5.6  Can't get a handle on using it, need help.

Discussion created by David Weiszbrod on Jul 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2006 by bigmac
I use my own text editor for writing assembly code for HC705C9 and now moved to HC908AP.  I don't want to learn a new editor.  I need to assemble code and run the ICE and Debugger on the FSICEBASE.  I can't find the START button for the HC08 assembler.  Is it in the CW IDE?
The CW development system has many features I won't use.  Maybe I would if I understood what they did.  I don't write in C.  Maybe I would if I knew how to compile it with the assembly.
Could someone give me an outline to step me through the process, please.