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Discussion created by Cicero Ribeiro on May 20, 2006
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Hi for All :smileyhappy:

I had used EEPROM emulator easy with QT/QY.
With the simple instruction:

volatile const char MyFLBPR[] @0xFFBE = {0xE1};

I enable the write to first page of flash.
But when I try to do it with JK3, it don´t work:

volatile const char MyFLBPR[] @0xFE09 = {0x62};

I get an error message if it´s placed in main.c:
L1112: The section has segment type NO_INIT (illegal)

and I have no error if placed at other .c file, but looking into debugger, at the 0xFE09 I have 0x00.

Creating a section in .prm don´t work too.
If I try to:
FLPBR = 0x62; // it´s declarated in 60hc908jk3.h

It return the error:
C1019: Incompatible type to previous declaration (found 'int', expected 'FLBPRSTR volatile')

What can I do about this ?