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TWR-K20d72M MQX/Codewarrior install issues

Question asked by Chris Paynter on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2012 by Robert Lewis

I've just got a TWR-K20D72M board, and am trying to get my build environment working.  Two issues have come up:


1) When you download the "BSP for TWR-K20D72M" patch for MQX, it tries to install in its own directory "C:\Freescale\Freescale MQX 3.8 TWRK20D72M" rather than the c:\Freescale\Freescale MQX 3.8 directory where everything else is installed.  Is it safe to redirect it to the "standard" directory where MQX is already installed? Or does it have to live in its own directory.  Also, do you need to manually integrate MQX again into CW 10.2?


2) There is a Service Pack for codewarrior  to support the K20 parts, but when I try to update the CW installation, some of the .jar files are reported as not found,  This happens whether I try to update from the website or from a local downloaded copy of the Service Pack.