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Regarding MC56F8014 programming by Codewarrior 8.2.3

Discussion created by Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy on Jun 28, 2012



    I have c programming experience with 8051 and AVR family  of microcontroller.Now it is required for me to programm MC56F8014 microcontroller by code warrior 8.2.3.It seems to be completely different environment.


          I am new to this Programming tool and microcontroller.I have installed Code warrior 8.2.3 in my system.I dont know how to start programming.


     In help i have seen some tutorials for  how to start project.I have not understood how to programm.timers,inerrupts,serial communication etc


Fist I  whould like to know step by step procedure for creating project.

I have looked at the datasheet of MC56F8014 i have not understood how many interrupts are there,How many timers and their modes.

I want to know how to programm timers,interrupts,Serial communication ,Whar are the associated registers.What are the modes that the timers can be operated.


            I am kindly requesting you for clarrifing these things,.Please let me know waht are the avilable resources and documents that I can refer.


Thanks and