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MPC6506S crashes on interrupt

Question asked by Djuro Drljaca on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by Djuro Drljaca

I created a "bare board" project in CW 10.2 for MPC5606S.


After I had a lot of problems with triggering interrupt I decided to try also with PIT peripheral to keep it simpler (and some sample code for this is already available under examples).


The program contains:

- sources from CW bare board project (automaticaly generated)

- simple code to initialize and start the timer

- I initialize the interrupt vector --> INTC_InstallINTCInterruptHandler(Pit1ISR, 60, 1);

- I enable all interrupt priorities --> INTC.CPR.B.PRI = 0;


After that when the interrupt occurs the CPU crashes. I also managed to debug the interrupt handler function (INTC_INTCInterruptHandler) but I am not sure if this is good since it is not recommended to read INTC.IACKR multiple times - I got a function pointer value of 0x00000000, but the register value points directly to the correct function pointer address of the PIT IRQ.


Could someone help me solve this problem?