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MC56F825x, Codewarrior 8.3 and Quadrature Decoders

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Jan 12, 2012
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Hello All,


I am using a 56F8257 and developing using Codewarrior DSC56800E 8.3 with Processor Expert.  I have the Professional license and have successfully developed a number of products with this environment so I am not new to Codewarriors idiosyncrasies.


I have used the Qudrature Decoder bean with the 56F8323 in the past but I needed an upgrade in Memory for a 2nd Gen product so I moved to the 56F8257 as it seemed pretty close in features.


Reading the Reference Manual (MC56F825XRM) page 171 shows Quadrature-Count Mode with Index Input.  This is exactly what I want to implement.  It states:


// (See Processor Expert PulseAccumulator bean.)
// This example uses TMRA0and TMRA1 for counting states of a quadrature position encoder.


I am looking at the PulseAccumulator Bean and I don't see how you can select more than 1 counter.  Anyone know how? Examples?