Alan Pastorelli

MC56F8037 in-circuit debug interfaces problems

Discussion created by Alan Pastorelli on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2012 by Laurence McLean

Hi all,


I'm starting developing fw for MC56F8037 DSC, I downloaded CW 8.3SE and as a programming/debugging interface I can choose from Codewarrior USB TAP and PEmicro USB Universal Multilink, but none of them works.


When I try to enter debug mode with USB TAP (that seems to be correctly configured in Debugger Settings panel), I've got error message : "CCS: Library not found".


With the Universal Multilink, I can't select it from CW 8.3 available interfaces.


What should I do?

What Development tool and what interface do you suggest me to use?


Thank you