imx6 solox install, update, commands

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imx6 solox install, update, commands

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Hello everyone.

Please help me.

I'm using imx6 solox BSP. And I met too much problem. I can't use this board for anything.

On my system, if I command 'uname -a', responsed by "Linux imx6qpdlsolox 4.9.88-imx_4. #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 1 01:44:32 CDT 2018 armv71 armv71 armv71 GNU/Linux"

please check and advise to me for below.

1. I can't install with apt-get. Of course, I try to find the solution with community. But I can't. Because On my system, just the command for solution is not also.

  - For example, to use apt-get, I need bitbake command as the solution. But the system had not the command.


2. I can't install with pip on python also with No such file or directory message. (pip3 also)


3. I can't using binary files compiled by gcc on ubuntu. That is just basic test program to write hello world as you know. You can find the program to study c program at first.


I think if I don't solve these problem. Nothing I can do with NXP processor.

When I use raspberry Pi, very interesting with it. I can do everything.

I am searching to solve this problem during almost 3 month now.

For your reference, when I found same problem on NXP community and click the link to solution, I was linked same page only with the link to solution.

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NXP TechSupport
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