how to use mfg tool for sololite to flash emmc

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how to use mfg tool for sololite to flash emmc

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i have sololite custom board for my development.

i want to flash emmc(want to boot from emmc without sd card)

using mfg tool ..

i changed switch s1 to serial download s1-1 is high && s1-2 is low

  i didnt get emmc prebuit image for sololite . so i added prebuild sd image to mfg/.../android/.

i started mfg tool exe but i get failure its not flashing into emmc..

i changed my uboot and kernal according to linux and android firmware  develop document and compiled

i started exe

now its hanging at loading uboot

can u help me how to flash emmc of sololite  using mfg and where to download to prebuilt image for emmc

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Hi Thangameena,

Try debugging/flashing with the adb interface.

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i compiled uimage, u-boot bin according to android firmware pdf.

and flashed in OS FIRMWARE directory.

now my emmc got flashed.. in the exe window its showing done..

but its not booting.. ..

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Thangameena,

Did you download the Android demo image from our website?

i.MX 6SoloLite Evaluation Kit|Freescale

also, did you change the list name in the configuration file?

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