flexspi AHB write & read data size

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flexspi AHB write & read data size

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Hi all,
I am using flexspi interface on a IMX8MM to talk to an FPGA that simulates flash in SDR mode on 4 data lines (maybe DDR later). I'm using AHB bus cmd mode, and toggle between custom write and read QUAD cmds :

  • custom write LUT cmd, without address section (to gain bandwidth)
    • instruction 0 is the LUT cmd, SPINOR_OP_PP (QUAD)
    • instruction 1 is the QUAD WRITE. I thought the operand was the data size, but it has no impact on the amount of data sent.
  • custom read LUT cmd, without address section (to gain bandwidth)
    • instruction 0 is the LUT cmd SPINOR_OP_READ (QUAD)
    • instruction 1 is the QUAD READ. same here.
  • I tried to add several read/write instruction in a LUT sequence but couldnt make it work. Is it possible ? Can the AHB controller read AND write during the same sequence ?

I need to optimize speedrate :

  • I reduced spacing between data burst by configuring FLSHA1CR1. It seems that the minimal value is around 6 SCLK cycles.
  • I try to increase data size of READ and WRITE cmd. I cannot send / receive more than 16 bytes at each cmd :
    • changing the size in the LUT operand has no impact
    • adding a LUT_DATSZ_SDR instruction has no impact
    • enable prefetch lengthens the read burst to 4096 bytes. It very long ! Can it be reduced to a specified size ?
    • the AHB TX may be limiting the write burst length but It should be 64 bytes according to documentation. Is it correct on the IMX8MM ?

Any comment on this ? How can I optimize data transfer rate ?




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


If this is still useful, the NXP i.MX BSP exclusively supports memory device access on the i.MX 8M Mini FlexSPI the basic components for driving the FlexSPI are present in spi-nxp-fspi.c. This could serve as a basis for a more general-purpose "spidev" driver described in Documentation/spi/spidev.rst

Best regards,

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