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I.MX8M Nano Bt.656

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I have a project where I need to stream a video on a 8 bit parallel BT.656or 8 to 16bit width parallel bus with explicit sync signal
I am looking at the section 13.2 of the "i.MX 8M Nano Applications Processor Reference Manual" and need to know if its possible and what are the limitation.

Option 1:
   BT.656 possible on a 8bit width bus but at what frequency.

Option 2: "most interesting"

   using LCDIF in VSYNC Mode
   How width can the data bus be? only 8 or up to 16?

   the max frequency is set by DISPLAY CLOCK (pix_clk) = DISPLAY_PIXEL_CLK_ROOT = maximal frequency is 250Mhz
   what are to GPIO use to output those signal.

Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something.
Thanks :smileyhappy:

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello frederic,

   Sorry for our delay reply!  Below is feedback from i.MX Expert:


The data path is LCDIF DPI --> MIPI DSI CORE --> mipi phy --> MIPI panel. There is no parallel interface to lcd panel.

Max of  LCD_DOTCLOCK is 250M.

It is DOTCLK mode lcdif supports for MIPI-DPI interface. 

8bit is supported.


Hope above information is helpful to you!



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