Explanation relate to str_echo_bm example from Freertos

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Explanation relate to str_echo_bm example from Freertos

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I am working with this example however, it is not clear for me, how this works. 

I understand that RPMSG is a way of comunication by using shared memory between M4 and A9. Tecnilcally this transform memory as Serial port comunication. When A9 and M4 create the link, they can comunicate each other by using this memory shared as serial port. 

My specific doubt is related to the code of example. It is using app_msg variable which is a data structure with unsigned long src; void* data; int len;... When I received a message from A9 this always have len=1... so for me does not make sense this field... I sent many data from A9 in one shot and this still receiving one by one with len=1... Someone can explain me what this means... 

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