Downloading a Windows CE Debug Release to the i.MX28

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Downloading a Windows CE Debug Release to the i.MX28

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Hi all,

I am currently evaluating the i.MX28 development board. One of the first things I want to do is download a debug build of my Windows CE image to the board so I can make use of the additional debug messages that are output on the serial debug port.

The debug image is 42MB. This is bigger than the supplied BSP OS design has spaced reserved for and the build process generates nk.nb0/nk.nb1 files.

I have modified the following files to allocate space for this larger image in RAM:

config.bib:         NK_SIZE, RAM_START and RAM_SIZE edited


I now have a single NK.nb0 to use with MFGTOOL to download to my SD card.

For some reason the debug build setting does not generate eboot like the release setting does? I built eboot using the release mode setting in platform builder.

Unfortunately I am unable to use mfgtool to download my new larger image. It pauses at 65% image downloaded then stops with an error.

My questions:

1) Do I need a new version of the mfgtool utility to download larger images to the board?

2) Have I modified all the files I need to be able to use a CE image larger than the default allocated size?

3) Why doesn't the debug build setting automatically build eboot like the release setting does?

Thanks in advance, Mark

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I think it may be the problem of partition size setting in the ucl file. Please check the ucl.xml in the "OS Firmware".

If problem still cannot be solved, please tell what is the error message.

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