Boot From SRAM On STANDBY Exit

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Boot From SRAM On STANDBY Exit

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     I new to qorivva Family(MPC5607B) and my requirement is go to standby mode and boot from SRAM on Exit.

     In the attached sample code where i am going to standby mode on reception of a frame(dummy trigger to go to standby mode) and         Configuring RTC, Wakeup modules before going to standby mode.


     When RTC expires, controller is booting from flash and execution starts from main function and RAM content is also lost.

     I am not getting how boot from SRAM on Standby exit, Request you to provide sample code to do the same.


     ( Found some related sample code in net "AN4240.doc" which is attached here, however

       1.i am not understanding flow and how to adopt it      

       2.What should be the content of function "Configure_STANDBY0_Mode_SRAM_Exit()"?

       3. Whether function "SRAM_Boot_Function" gets called after wakeup?

       4.which is the SRAM location from where the execution starts after wakeup from standby? to configure the SRAM location to start booting? )


       Please provide some sample code to achieve the requirement

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