i.MX51 EVK Board USB Camera

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i.MX51 EVK Board USB Camera

i.MX51 EVK Board USB Camera

In order to get USB cameras (web cams) working on i.MX 51 EVK board running Ubuntu, a few steps must be followed, and they are:

  1. Enable USB Camera's drivers on Kernel
  2. Test it using Gstreamer or another compatible software (as Cheese)

Kernel Driver

USB cameras (web cameras) on Linux work over GSPCA driver, to enable this driver you need to go to:

./ltib -c 
[*] Configure the kernel 
    Device Drivers --> 
         Multimedia Devices --> 
              [*] Video Capture Adapters --> 
                   [*] V4L USB Devices --> 
                        <*> USB Video Class (UVC) 
                                     [*] UVC input events device support 
                        <*> GSPCA Based WebCams -->

From this point, you need to choose your specific driver. If you don't know, you can select all of those options as a built-in module "<*>" that will work.

GSPCA Drivers

USB Camera Detection

Connect your USB camera to the USB Host port on i.MX 51 EVK board and then type "dmesg", and also check if there is a video0 device using:

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:~$ ls /dev/video0 
USB Camera Detection

Gstreamer Command Line

In order to test your USB camera using Gstreamer plugin, use the following command line to perform it:

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:~$ gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink 

and the results:

Hi there !!!


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