i.MX31 ADS Board Flashing

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i.MX31 ADS Board Flashing

i.MX31 ADS Board Flashing

ATK (Advanced Toolkit)

ATK (Advanced Toolkit) is a Windows software for programming the flash memory of i.MX boards.

Using ATK

This section will describe the procedure to erase the flash memory and program the bootloader.

1 - Connect a serial cable between PC and i.MX board.

2 - Some hardware configurations (switches) must be done to flash the board.

  Set SW2 switch as below: Switch SW2 -> 11111 


3 - Run ATK going to Start -> Programs -> AdvancedToolKit -> AdvancedToolKit


  Set the options:
  Device memory -> DDR; Custom Initial File -> (keep it unmarked)
  Communication Channel -> Serial Port (Usually COM1)

4 - Click on Flash Tools to erase, program or dump the the flash memory and click GO


h4> Flash Programming

The next step is to program the bootloader image into the board's Flash following the steps below.

1 - Select the parameters as shown in the figure below and press Program.

The bootloader binary image file can be found into your Board Support Package 
Set Program, NOR Spansion


2 - Add it on Image File field and press Program.

3 - Close ATK, turn off the board and set switch back as shown in the picture below.

Set SW2 switch as below:
Switch SW2 -> 11010 


Installing ATK on Linux

Download ATK:


Extract ATK:

# unzip ATK_1_41_STD_installer.zip

Execute the default install process:

# wine SETUP.EXE

Get mfc42.dll and msvcp60.dll from a Windows Machine (C:\Windows\System32) and copy to wine system32 (/root/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32)

Run ATK:

# wine ADSToolkit_std.exe
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