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Qt Landing page

Qt framework

Qt is a cross-platform complete development framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of stunning native applications and amazing user interfaces for desktop, embedded and mobile platforms.

Qt's cross-platform full framework and tools enables developers to target various desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems with one code base. Qt brings freedom to the developer saving development time, adding efficiency and ultimately shortening time to market.

Building Qt

Compile Qt for i.MX28

Building QT5 for i.MX53

Building QT for i.MX6
Qt on iMX6

Installing tools

Installing and Configuring QT Creator (Ubuntu)

Qt5 with Qt3D over Wayland rootfs


Qt5 Cinematic Experience Demo on i.MX6
Video - IMx 53 Qt5 qt3d demo

Qt5 with Qt3D over Wayland rootfs


Qt5 on i.MX6  DO's and DONT's

Best Practices for QML

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