Loading Redboot Binary Directly to RAM

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Loading Redboot Binary Directly to RAM

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Loading Redboot Binary Directly to RAM

In order to get Redboot running on i.MX35 PDK without a flashing procedure, a little modification in the binary file is needed. After that it can be loaded into RAM memory using the ATK tool.

The Redboot Header

To execute the binary Redboot file a header of 32 bytes long must be added:


Where ddccbbaa is the 4-byte start address and hhggffee is the start address (all in Hexadecinal format) modified by the following procedure:

value - 0x20 (or 32 decimal) + 0x08 (or 8 decimal) 

Note that in this header the values are placed from LSB to MSB bytes, so if the start address for MX35PDK is 0x87F00000 then the header should looks like:

Start Address    --> 0x87F00000                                               --> 0000F087 
Modified Address --> 0x87F00000 - 0x20 + 0x08 = 0x87EFFFE8 --> E8FFEF87
Header --> 0000F0870000000000000000E8FFEF8700000000000000000000000000000000 

Now, this header must be appended to the beginning of the redboot.bin file.

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