I.MX35 PDK Board Flashing SD Card

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I.MX35 PDK Board Flashing SD Card

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I.MX35 PDK Board Flashing SD Card

This tutorial teaches how to program bootloader on a SD Card using ATK. To program kernel and root file system to the SD card, please follow this i.MX35 PDK Linux Booting SD


ATK (Advanced Toolkit)


ATK (Advanced Toolkit) is a Windows software for programming the flash memory of i.MX boards. It can be downloaded here.


Using ATK


This section will describe the procedure to erase and program the bootloader in the SD Card.


1. Connect a serial cable between PC and i.MX board.


2. Set the switches:


Debug Board: SW9 -> 0


  SW10 -> 0


Personality Board: SW1 and SW2 (All bits) -> 0


3. Run ATK going to Start -> Programs -> AdvancedToolKit -> AdvancedToolKit


  Set the options:


  i.MX CPU -> i.MX35_TO2


  Device memory -> DDR2;


  Communication Channel -> Serial Port (Usually COM1)


4. Click Flash Tools to erase, program, or dump the the memory and click GO




1. To erase SD Card, select the parameters as below:

Select MMC/SD as "Flash Model".


Select Erase on "Operation Type".

2. Turn on the board and press Erase.


3. ATK shows a message: "Flash erase successful!" when card is erased




Next, program the bootloader image into the memory card following the steps below:


1. Select the parameters:

The bootloader binary image file can be found into your Board Support Package (click here to download)

Select Program on "Operation Type".


Address: 0x00000000


File: "mx35_3stack_redboot_mmc.bin" (or similar name that indicates a MMC/SD image)


2. Press Program.


3. Close ATK, turn off the board and set switches to:

    Debug Board: SW9 -> 0

  SW10 -> 0

Personality Board: SW2 (Bits 1 and 2) -> 1


  SW2 (All other bits) -> 0


  SW1 (All bits) -> 0


4. Open Hyper Terminal, set it 115200,N,8 and see RedBoot Prompt.


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