Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

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Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide on how to export new symbols using the Bazel Android server instead of the build_abi.sh script.

For a better reference how to build Android i.MX image please look at the next chapter 3 Building the Android Platform for i.MX in the Android User's Guide

1. Compile full AOSP or only kernel

Build full AOSP:

$ source build/envsetup.sh
$ lunch evk_8mp-eng
$ ./imx-make.sh -j8

 Only build the kernel:

$ ./imx-make.sh  kernel -j8

2. Generic Kernel Image GKI Development

Download GKI outside of android_build (MY_ANDROID).

# Make sure MY_ANDROID is set to the android_build folder. 
$ export MY_ANDROID=`pwd`
# mkdir gki && cd gki (Make sure folder gki is not inside of ${MY_ANDROID})
$ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/manifest -b common android14-6.1
$ repo sync
$ cd common

3. Export New Symbols

Switch the kernel in this common folder from AOSP to its device, and apply the patches required for your project. In this case Android

$ cd common
$ git remote add device https://github.com/nxp-imx/linux-imx.git
$ git remote update
$ git fetch device --tags
$ git checkout android-14.0.0_1.2.0
$ cd ..
$ ln -s ${MY_ANDROID}/vendor/nxp-opensource/verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam
$ ln -s ${MY_ANDROID}/vendor/nxp-opensource/nxp-mwifiex nxp-mwifiex
$ BUILD_FOR_GKI=yes BUILD_CONFIG=common/build.config.imx
$ EXT_MODULES_MAKEFILE="verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam/vvcam/v4l2/Kbuild"
$ EXT_MODULES="nxp-mwifiex/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src"

Note: Be sure that your Symbolic Link is pointing to the correct folder

Open the Makefile in the following path ../gki/nxp-mwifiex/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/ and erase some ifreq lines that will generate a No such file or directory error.

#Automatically determine Android version from build information to streamline diff --git a/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile b/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
index 3ec5308..7b6ca47 100644
--- a/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
+++ b/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
@@ -139,20 +139,7 @@ CONFIG_ANDROID_KERNEL=y
-include $(ANDROID_BUILD_TOP)/build/make/core/build_id.mk
-ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),R)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=30
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),S)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=31
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),T)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=33
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),U)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=34
-    # Default optimization or actions
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION
+ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=34

Then you could update the symbol list by typing the following command.

$ tools/bazel run //common:imx_abi_update_symbol_list

After the build process is successful, you should get an output like the image below.


Then the common/android/abi_gki_aarch64_imx will be generated.

$ cp common/android/abi_gki_aarch64_imx /tmp/abi_gki_aarch64_imx
$ cd ..

Build GKI locally.

$ tools/bazel run //common:kernel_aarch64_dist

 You could follow the next chapters to update the GKI image to your boot image.

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