Config Tools for i.MX v13 Now Available

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Config Tools for i.MX v13 Now Available

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Config Tools for i.MX v13 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Config Tools for i.MX v13 are now available.

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Revision History


  • Supported disable view content for specific NPI
  • Product outgoing license changed to LA_OPT_NXP_Software_License
  • DDR tool
    • Support for iMX93
    • Support for fw2022.01
    • Support for LPDDR4x
    • CA bus signals margin for LPDDR4 and LPDDR4x
    • VrefCA optimizer
  • Pins tool
    • Support customized function name for de-initialization function
    • Customization of the de-deinitialization function name
    • Allow usage of the expansion board file referencing single-row Arduino header with Freedom and LPC headers that are compatible.
    • Pins messages driven by functional properties and pin mode
    • Show external signal tab by default
    • Zephyr Pins configuration in Config Tools
  • TEE
    • Now supports i.MX RT1180 and i.MX 93 processor families
    • Can optionally generate hardened code for the device (enabled by SDK).
    • SAU, MPU, and Access Templates tabs have been moved to the top-level tab strip and are now MCU-wide
    • XRDC memory regions now allow overlaps
    • EAL configuration implemented for XRDC MRC
    • "This domain only" filter option added for the Memory Attribution Map view; it is always on for the Access Overview view
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