Adding Chromium to L5.4.24_2.1.0 + I.MX8MQ-EVK

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Adding Chromium to L5.4.24_2.1.0 + I.MX8MQ-EVK

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Adding Chromium to L5.4.24_2.1.0 + I.MX8MQ-EVK

Environment:   VMware player 15 + ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Reference document: i.MX_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide.pdf

1. Software packages for the compilation

# sudo apt-get install flex bison gperf build-essential zlib1g-dev

# sudo apt-get install lib32ncurses5-dev x11proto-core-dev

# sudo apt-get install libx11-dev lib32z1-dev libgl1-mesa-dev

# sudo apt-get install tofrodos python-markdown libxml2-utils xsltproc

# sudo apt-get install uuid-dev:i386 liblzo2-dev:i386 gcc-multilib g++-multilib

# sudo apt-get install subversion openssh-server openssh-client uuid uuid-dev zlib1g-dev

# sudo apt-get install liblz-dev lzop liblzo2-2 liblzo2-dev git-core curl

# sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip python3-pexpect python3-git python3-jinja2 pylint3

# sudo apt-get install u-boot-tools mtd-utils android-tools-fsutils

# sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk device-tree-compiler aptitude

# sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev nss-updatedb

# sudo apt-get install chrpath texinfo gawk cpio diffstat

# sudo apt-get install libncursesw5-dev libssl-dev libegl1-mesa

# sudo apt-get install net-tools python libsdl1.2-dev xterm socat

# sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx-common icedtea-netx

2. downloading yocto bsp (L5.4.24_2.1.0)

# rm -rf ~/bin

# mkdir ~/bin

# curl > ~/bin/repo

# chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

# export PATH=~/bin:$PATH


# mkdir imx-yocto-bsp-5.4.24-2.1.0

# cd imx-yocto-bsp-5.4.24-2.1.0

# repo init -u -b imx-linux-zeus -m imx-5.4.24-2.1.0.xml


# cd .repo/manifests

# gedit imx-5.4.24-2.1.0.xml

         Modify git to https like below:

  <remote fetch="" name="yocto"/>

  <remote fetch="" name="community"/>

  <remote fetch="" name="oe"/>

  <remote fetch="" name="OSSystems"/>

  <remote fetch=""  name="QT5"/>

  <remote fetch=""  name="Timesys"/>

  <remote fetch=""  name="rust"/>

  <remote fetch=""  name="python2"/>

  <remote fetch="" name="CAF"/>

Save it and exit.

# cd ~/ imx-yocto-bsp-5.4.24-2.1.0

# repo sync


         Begin to compile i.MX8MQ BSP:

# DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8mqevk source -b build-wayland

         If users want to use chromium, do it like below, otherwise omit the step.

       Add CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland" to local.conf

       And use 8 thread to compile BSP

# gedit ./conf/local.conf




CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland"


         Save it and exit.


         If your ubuntu has 8GB DDR, BB_NUMBER_THREADS can be set to “2”, PARALLEL_MAKE can be set to “-j 2”.

# bitbake chromium-ozone-wayland -c fetch

# bitbake imx-image-full



Use ulimit -n 4096 to solve the issue. Then continue.

# bitbake imx-image-full


chromium compilation error:


         Compile chromium-ozone-wayland separately.

# bitbake chromium-ozone-wayland -c cleansstate

# bitbake chromium-ozone-wayland -c compile


         Use the command to solve the problem.

# gedit ../sources/meta-imx/meta-sdk/dynamic-layers/browser-layer/recipes-browser/chromium/chromium-ozone-wayland_%.bbappend


        libxkbcommon \

        virtual/egl \

        wayland \

        wayland-native \

         mesa         \



  Add mesa to DEPENDS

         Save and exit.

         Continue to compile it.

# bitbake chromium-ozone-wayland -c compile


         done, continue to compile full image


# bitbake imx-image-full

Attachment is document in pdf format, which should be clear.

NXP TIC team

Weidong Sun


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