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Application Note covering how to get the Silex SX-SDCAN working with the Sabre-SD i.MX6 Evaluation kit.


This app note may be a bit outdated.  We are now at SDK L3.0.35_4.1.0.

Myself and another FAE are unable to get this card to be recognized in a standard Linux LTIB build.

When I insmod the driver, I get errors.

Also, I contacted Silex for the calData_SX-SDMAN.bin file but have not received it.

Can you offer any updates to the app note so I can get this card to be recognized?


We are actually releasing a new EVK for the Silex SX-SDCAN for the Sabre-SD board. Same radio hardware with an SD card that includes a bootable Ubuntu image with our latest driver, supplicant and wireless tools. I should be able to get you a copy of the image sometime next week if you're interested. It has an updated users Manual and QSG.


Please any one can provide the Latest SX-SDCAN Application Note or Procedure to test in Linux for Freescale Yocto Latest release Version 1.6 Daisy. It uses linux-3.10.53 Kernel.




We have actually ported to the linux-3.10.17 Yocto kernel and are in the process of porting to the latest linux-3.10.53. However it will be a few weeks before we will have the supporting application note available.

If you contact me directly at aross@silextechnology.com we can go through the information I have immediately available.


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