RAM usage on Kinetis Design Studio

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RAM usage on Kinetis Design Studio

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Hi everyone.

I'm using Thread protocol with a KW41Z kinetis. I'm trying to watch the RAM memory usage of one kinetis connected to the mesh but I can't. I would like to know how many memory a router is wasting when an end device sends a temperature string to the server.

Is there any way to watch the RAM memory usage  on the Kinetis Design Studio? Is there another way?

I'm using the example "router eligible device" of the SDK.

Thank you in advance.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Miguel,

The memory reserved for the temperature message is allocated by the memory manager. You can read more about the memory manager in chapter 3.3. Memory management the Connectivity Framework Reference Manual located in <Connectivity software path>\docs\wireless\Common\.

You can also analyze the RAM usage in the *.map file located in the Debug folder.



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