QN908x: Software configuration

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QN908x: Software configuration

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Dear NXP support ,

We are planning to use QN908x in our next design . The board is based on NXP I.MX6ULL. I am going through the QN908x documents.  I  have few queries regarding the QN908x for quick understanding.

1. How QN908x can be interfaced to CPU? Is there any option to interface with UART?
2. Whether QN908x already contains all the firmware required for BLE5.0?
3. I can see that QN908x BLE 5.0. Please confirm. Is there any way to support BLE4.2?
4. Whether QN908x supports
                                                     i) Master Scanning Mode?
                                                     ii) Peripheral Advertise Mode?
5. Can we configure the above using simple commands?
6. Whether Master Scanning Mode and Peripheral Advertise Mode state diagrams should be maintained
7. How can we upgrade the firmware of  QN908x whenever we have new firmware
8. I can see ISP _TXD and ISP _RXD lines in the chip. What is the use of these lines? Where we are supposed to connect these lines.
9. Can you please point me to the document about software configurations.

I can get info from datasheet. But quick response from you would be a great help.

With Regards,
Keshava Kumar B

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


i already answered in the internal thread. If you have more questions, let me know.



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