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Thread Smart Home Model

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Thread Smart Home Model

Hello all,

let me share a video demonstration of the Thread Smart Home model. See the link below:

Thread Smart Home model

Best regards,


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Hello there. I have a question similar to this one. I have a gateway and there is frdm-kw41z at the point where the signal is not good enough. I am trying to reach frdm-kw41z remotely by putting another frdm-kw41z card between frdm-kw41z and the gateway, but I can not connect. Which guidelines should I follow for this? Can I solve this problem with the existing frdm-kw41z sample software?  In short, I want to set up a connection scheme like the one below.SORu.png

Hi zafer sen,

If you want to use Thread network the intermediary nodes should have router role. 

My recommendation is to download the sdk from:  (Select FRDM-KW41 board and use Build MCUXpresso SDK button from the right to create/download the sdk).

In the sdk you will find the documentation in ...\FRDM-KW41Z\docs\wireless\Thread and demo application are located in the following folder:  ...\FRDM-KW41Z\boards\frdmkw41z\wireless_examples\thread.

Please refer to Kinetis Thread Stack Demo Applications User's Guide.pdf -> chapter 9 to know how to start a Thread network.

Let us know if you need more details.



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