How to set KW36 Tx power

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How to set KW36 Tx power

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How to set KW36 Tx power


In the KW36 SDK, there is an API bleResult_t Controller_SetTxPowerLevel(uint8_t level, txChannelType_t channel) to set the Tx power, but the unit of param[in] level is not dBm.

But how do we set a Tx power in dBm?


By going through the source code, we found that two conversions are required between the actual dBm and the set value of the API.

One is PA_POWER to Transmit Output Power conversion table:





Other is Level to PA_POWER  conversion table:

 .tx_power[0] = 0x0001,    .tx_power[1] = 0x0002,    .tx_power[2] = 0x0004,    
.tx_power[3] = 0x0006,    .tx_power[4] = 0x0008,    .tx_power[5] = 0x000a,    
.tx_power[6] = 0x000c,    .tx_power[7] = 0x000e,    .tx_power[8] = 0x0010,    
.tx_power[9] = 0x0012,    .tx_power[10] = 0x0014,    .tx_power[11] = 0x0016,    
.tx_power[12] = 0x0018,    .tx_power[13] = 0x001a,    .tx_power[14] = 0x001c,    
.tx_power[15] = 0x001e,    .tx_power[16] = 0x0020,    .tx_power[17] = 0x0022,   
 .tx_power[18] = 0x0024,    .tx_power[19] = 0x0026,    .tx_power[20] = 0x0028,   
 .tx_power[21] = 0x002a,    .tx_power[22] = 0x002c,    .tx_power[23] = 0x002e,    
.tx_power[24] = 0x0030,    .tx_power[25] = 0x0032,    .tx_power[26] = 0x0034,   
 .tx_power[27] = 0x0036,    .tx_power[28] = 0x0038,    .tx_power[29] = 0x003a,    
.tx_power[30] = 0x003c,    .tx_power[31] = 0x003e,

The input parameter 'level' of the API is the subscript of this array. The array value is PA_POWER of first conversion table, then we can find the final Tx power.

From another perspective, the parameter 'level' is the index of the first table.



The following demonstrates a conversion process.



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