Configuring u-boot for USB download

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Configuring u-boot for USB download

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I have a Tower evaluation board, and I would like to program the QSPI flash over USB. I have downloaded the MFG Tool for Vybrid, which comes packaged with u-boot. I want to re-compile u-boot after I make some modifications to the source. I am using a virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.10 to execute the build. 

I am following the steps in the Readme which came with the u-boot source folder to 'make' u-boot. However, when I run the 'make u-boot.imx' command I get the following error:192382_192382.pngpastedImage_2.png

I am unable to determine what is causing this error.


I then downloaded the latest version of u-boot from the Denx website, and was able to successfully compile it. However, this version of u-boot does not have USB functionality enabled by default. When I try and load u-boot using the MFG Tool, I get the following serial debug info:


I know that u-boot can be configured using the 'make menuconfig' command. I would like to know what Symbols must be set in order to enable the USB Download gadget, to allow me to program the QSPI flash using the MFG Tool.


Thanks for the help.



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