How to Assemble the Car Chassis

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How to Assemble the Car Chassis

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How to Assemble the Car Chassis

Assembly Of The Freescale Cup Car Chassis

Before you start building your program for your car, It would be better if you can assemble your car chassis first. With your car correctly assembled, you can easily test it with your different programs in the later tutorials.

The followings are all the tutorials about car chassis assembly.

Freescale Cup Innovation Challenge EMEA Model B car assembly file in attachment below

Exploded Assembly Diagrams

Chassis Build Directions [PPT]
Original Manufacturer Directions [PDF]

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I just noticed that the exploded assembly diagram links are broken and the images for the "Servo and steering assembly directions" do not work either.  Best.


Thanks!  It has been fixed.

The images on the article "Wiring connections for the TRK-MPC5604B" are also broken. Can we please have them fixed too?

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