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Freescale Cup Kit

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Freescale Cup Kit

The components of this kit will provide students with the basic materials. The challenge for teams is to collaborate with peers to design the interconnecting hardware and to create the algorithms that will give a vehicle the competitive edge. The sensor interfacing, vehicle navigation, signal processing and control systems techniques students will learn can be applied to most embedded systems.

Included in the Freescale Cup Kit

Part Number: TFC-KIT

  Part Number: TFC-5604B-KIT 

Getting Started:

1. Purchase the kit

2. Explore the tutorials and reference materials

  • Take the Freescale Cup Training Tutorials
  • Browse through the sample code within the tutorials
  • Download the reference manuals for your microcontroller, many which are linked to from this wkik
  • Navigate to the training modules and videos of the

Designing and programming your Cup Car:


1.Tools needed: In addition to what is provided in the kit, you will need several other tools you will need to design and build a working intelligent car.

Must have

  1. Soldering iron
  2. Solder
  3. Solder wick
  4. Wire (gauges)
  5. Oscilloscope


  1. Power Supply
  2. Solder remover bulb
  3. Oscilloscope
  4. DMM


  1. Access to a Rapid Prototyping Machine
  2. Software such as Eagle or PCBArtist

2.Electronics Components you will want to obtain soon


What we’ve provided

The software provided in this wikiwill get you started in your task of creating an intelligent car. We have included files which you can load onto your microcontroller which blink a led, activate the motor and servo, as well as a small simple driver for the camera which sends it the proper signals and reads data into your microcontroller.

What you need to design

Your job will be to connect the various components together, refine and add to the code we have provided and create a working intelligent car. Start thinking about how you will determine where the line is on the track, what algorithm you will use for steering and deciding how much power you want to send to your motor. You may want to read up on PID controllers, or other types of control systems. Are there any special features that you might want to add to your car – such as real time debugging? Those features will require extra work and up front planning.

Planning and Teamwork

You might not have the time to document all your designs and concepts properly before sitting down to code or to create a piece of hardware, but you might want to create an ordered list of all the different tasks which will be necessary to finish the car, who will do those items, and when you want each task to be finished. A schedule will help you determine if you are on track with your goals …

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