[FINISHED] Expanding the Selenium library with RAP

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[FINISHED] Expanding the Selenium library with RAP

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[FINISHED] Expanding the Selenium library with RAP

[Title CZ/SK] Rozšírenie Selenium knižnice pre RAP




Automatic web-application testing is an integral part of most IT projects. Current libraries, however, don't contain sufficient support for RAP-based webpage-generation. Familiarize yourself with the current library implementation and with basics of Selenium-based web app testing. Suggest how to expand the library with XPath support. Implement the suggested change. Test the expanded library with a series of tests of a RAP app.


Assignment CZ/SK

Automaticke testovanie webovych aplikacii je neodmyslitelnou sucastou vacsiny IT projektov ale sucasne kniznice neobsahuju dostatocnu podporu generovanych stranok pomocou technologie RAP. Zoznamte sa so sucastnou implementaciou kniznice a zakladmi testovania webovych aplikacii pomocou Selenium. Navrhnite rozsirenie stavajucej kniznice o pracu s XPath. Naimplementujte navrhnute rozsirenie. Otestujte rozsirenie kniznice pomocou sady testov na RAP aplikacii.











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