Qualification Race @ University of Zilina - Accommodation Info

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Qualification Race @ University of Zilina - Accommodation Info

Qualification Race @ University of Zilina - Accommodation Info

As introduced in Qualification Race Information: University of Zilina, students can accommodate at the dormitory for 10,- EUR per night. What is more important - if you are IEEE Student member, your accommodation here is for free!

How to become IEEE Student member?

It's very simple: visit IEEE web page, follow the "Join" button and "Join as a student". You will be asked to fill in some information and finally to pay the registration fee (for 2014 it's $27.00 per year). You will receive your own personal number and this will serve as an identification during the Freescale Cup accommodation registration.

Why should you join?

First of all, IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

IEEE has:

  • more than 425,000 members in more than 160 countries, more than 50 percent of whom are from outside the United States;
  • more than 116,000 Student members;
  • 333 Sections in 10 geographic regions worldwide;
  • 2,195 Chapters that unite local members with similar technical interests;
  • 2,354 student branches at colleges and universities;
  • 800 student branch chapters of IEEE technical societies;
  • 428 affinity groups - IEEE Affinity Groups are non-technical sub-units of one or more Sections or a Council. The Affinity Group patent entities are the IEEE-USA Consultants' Network, Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), Women in Engineering (WIE), and Life Members (LM).


  • has 38 Societies and 7 technical Councils representing the wide range of IEEE technical interests;
  • has more than 3 million documents in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, with more than 8 million downloads each month;
  • has more than 1,400 standards and projects under development;
  • publishes more than 148 transactions, journals, and magazines;
  • sponsors more than 1,300 conferences in 80 countries while:
    • partnering with more than 1,000 non-IEEE entities globally;
    • attracting more than 400,000 conference attendees;
    • publishing more than 1,200 conference proceedings via IEEE Xplore.

The official IEEE benefits page is available here.

The "streetsmarts'" reasons:

  1. Two nights at the dormitory is for 20,- EUR, what is 27,- USD. If you are planning to stay for two nights, joining IEEE could be just beneficial
  2. You will get an access to the IEEE database (IEEE Xplore) with many scientific books and publications.
  3. With MSDNAA cooperation, you'll get many free licences for Microsoft development software and tools, operating systems, etc.
  4. IEEE, especially Czechoslovakia Section organizes many contests, conferences, events and scholarship programmes for IEEE members. If you are a member, you have an access to these activities.
  5. IEEE membership can be a valuable item in your CV. After five years in profession, you can get the IEEE Senior member grade, what is a great community recognition.

The accommodation is sponsored by Joint Chapter IA03/IE013 - IEEE Czechoslovakia Section, www.ieee.uniza.sk, matej.pacha@ieee.org.

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