How to set clock to 48Mhz (KL25Z4)

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How to set clock to 48Mhz (KL25Z4)

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Board: KL25Z4




me and my team are having problems setting the clock from the default mode to 48 Mhz using the external crystal that the the board comes with.


I saw that there is a clock set up routine in the start up code (system_MKL25Z4.c and system_MKL25Z4.h) already given and that a routine will be executed based on the definition of CLOCK_SETUP which is not defined by default. So I just defined CLOCK_SETUP as 2 in order to go into PEE mode and have a clock frequency of 48 Mhz. However, when I run the code, reset mode is entered. 


So how can I make the system set up to run with 48 Mhz clock frequency?


Any help here is appreciated! Thank you very much.


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