FXLC95000 - How to set FOPT.BF?

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FXLC95000 - How to set FOPT.BF?

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I would like to boot to flash without sending this sequence to ROM CI.  Does anyone know how to set this in flash through program?  Or any other method?

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Great question. There is an example of this on the eCompass_Project that’s on the website.

Download: eCompass_Project<https://www.freescale.com/webapp/Download?colCode=ISF1P195K_ECOMPASS_PROJ&appType=license&location=null&fpsp=1&WT_TYPE=Apps&WT_VENDOR=FREESCALE&WT_FILE_FORMAT=zip&WT_ASSET=Downloads&fileExt=.zip&Parent_nodeId=1363968261523732048122&Parent_pageType=product>

Once downloaded look on lines 145 – 175 in the file eCompass_Project/Source/eCompass_Project.c

You can enable and disable this just by toggling the #if 0 to #if 1

What’s important to understand is that once the Boot-to-Flash bit is set, the only way to boot back to ROM code is

to have included a command in your executable that rewrites the BF bit, or to use the P&E Multilink debug probe to flash a new image with the desired BF bit setting.

If you are routinely using the P&E for downloading then this won’t be a problem.


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