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Pre-Release Sensor Fusion

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Pre-Release Sensor Fusion

This is a pre-release version of the Sensor Fusion Toolbox for Windows.  It is essentially the same tool you already know and love.  It differs in terms of the binary images that can be downloaded to your development board.  Clicking File->Flash from the toolbar will present you with a set up updated binaries.  These were built using a brand new set of 6- and 9-axis Kalman filter algorithms.  We expect these to consume much less power (2X or 3X) and to have better gyro tracking.  We are soliciting feedback from existing users of the toolkit with regard to performance of the new filters.  We do not expect to formally release until later in Q2, primarily to give the community time to try them and give us feedback.  We are not releasing source just yet, for the same reason.

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Hi Michael,

I just downloaded this new release and can't seem to get it to work with the FRDM-K64F using the standalone option. Once I flash the board, the red led turns on and nothing is received in the sensor fusion toolbox even after selecting the correct COM port. I read this thread

And noticed that Mike managed to solve some problems by making some changes in the source code. I downloaded the sensor fusion library for KDS and compiled it but still can't get it to work with the sensor fusion toolbox. I commented out the lines Mike commented in the previous thread but then I get errors when I try to compile.

I already managed to make it work. In one part, I forgot to apply the steps you mentioned in a previous thread regarding the pins for the I2C module and the slave address (however, that thread talked about the FRDM-KL26Z). On the other hand, I also had to configure the UART component. To summarize, this is what I had to do to use the Sensor Fusion Toolbox with the FRDM-K64F (standalone):

  • In the I2C component, select PTE25 for the SDA pin and PTE24 for the SCL pin, select the I2C0 channel and in the target slave address init, specify 0x1D.
  • In the UART component, select UART0 for the Device option, PTB16 in the RxD option and PTB17 in the TxD option.
  • Generate Processor Expert code.
  • In the drivers.c file, change the following line:

         #define FXOS8700_I2C_ADDR 0x1E by #define FXOS8700_I2C_ADDR 0x1D

  • In the build.h file, comment out all the algorithms, except COMPUTE_6DOF_GB_BASIC.
  • In this same file, comment out all the definitions for the sensors, except for #define USE_FXOS8700.
  • Build and load.
  • Open the Sensor Fusion Toolbox and select the "Tilt Compensated Compass" algorithm and select the proper COM port.

Note that, as these steps make it clear, I had to download the source code of the Sensor Fusion libraries for KDS, modify it, compile it and load it to the board (I'm using the Segger J-Link debugger), as the binaries that came with the Toolbox did not work. I hope this helps to improve the upcoming release of the toolbox.

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