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Freescale Sensors Breakout Boards Designs – HOME

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Freescale Sensors Breakout Boards Designs – HOME

Hello Freescale Community,

Most of the new Freescale Sensors in our portfolio come in very small packages, some of them as small as 2x2x1mm, which is awesome! However, one of the problems that we detected last year is that many customers struggle in the evaluation stage of the project due to the small packages. They should either, buy an evaluation board or spend valuable time designing and manufacturing a PCB just for testing our devices.

Our goal with this project is to share with our community the Freescale Sensors Breakout Boards we designed for this specific purpose, so you can easily manufacture your own sensor boards or modify our designs to fit  your specific application. This way you can easily evaluate Freescale sensors.

The boards were designed to be used in a prototype board (DIP style pins) and they can communicate to any MCU thru IIC or SPI (depending on the sensor).

These designs were made using Eagle Layout 6.5, if you want to modify the designs you can do it with the free version of Eagle CAD (for non-commercial purposes), or you can send the gerber files (included in the zip files) to your preferred PCB manufacturer.

The following designs are available:

+ Altimeter:

+ Accelerometer:

+ Accelerometer + Magnetometer (6-DOF):

+ Gyroscope:

The above .ZIP files, contains the following design information:

  • - Schematic Source File (.SCH)
  • - Schematic (.PDF)
  • - Layout Source File (.BRD)
  • - Layout Images (.jpg)
  • - Gerber Files (GTL, GBL, GTS, GBS, GTO, GBO, GKO, XLN).
  • - PCB Render Image (.png created in OSH park)
  • - BOM (.xls)

Additional content:

If you want to modify our designs, please download the attached library file "Freescale_Sensors_v2.lbr" and add it to your Eagle Library repository.

We'll be more than glad to respond to your questions and please, let us know what you think.

-Freescale Sensor's Support team.

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