using KEIL and S32k

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using KEIL and S32k

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just another newbie question:

Am I right that when I buy Keil, it will come with its own Hardware configuration code generator for S32k (like processor expert)?

Will Keil on its own give me the option to for example setup a project with FreeRtos and CAN Stack?

Or will it give me the option to generate a LIN library and configure PINs with/without RTOS?

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Keil MDK does not have a program like Processor Expert.  Processor Expert (PE) will create a uVision project that you can subsequently use as the heart of your development.  Processor Expert currently does not support S32K. Hopefully we can head in this direction soon.  I understand that PE is inside S32-DS.  uVision is the IDE of Keil MDK.

If you create a project using S32KDS - it is fairly easy to port it to uVision.  I did this relatively easy with the NXP AN5413 Cookbook examples:  You can add or use FreeRTOS.

There is currently support for S32K-144, 146 and 148.  S32K-11x is soon.  There is a lot of support for NXP "K" devices.  See  There are many appnotes for NXP processors.

uVision has the utility Manage Run-Time Environment (MRTE) that you can select various components into your project.  In the window below you can see components you can select.  You can get the evaluation version of MDK to expand on these.

uVision supports FreeRTOS - just select it in MRTE (or Arm Keil RTX) and the files are added to your project.  You can now configure FreeRTOS or Keil for your needs.  Keil RTX has a Apache 2.0 license.

All RTX Source is included.  Manual is here: RTX v5 Implementation 


Here are my labs for the S32K: 



uVision supports Serial Wire Viewer data trace and ETM instruction trace.  These are discussed in the labs.

We have two compilers:  original ARM (AC-5) and AC-6 which is based on LLVM.

I hope this helps


Bob Boys


San Jose, California

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