S32K144 ADC SC1 register

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S32K144 ADC SC1 register

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Please tell me about ADC SC1 register. (S32K144)

It is written in manual as follows.
Table 38-2. ADC x _ SC 1 n [ADCH] field configuration
ADCx_SC 1 n [ADCH] range
S32K144 = 00000 b - 11111 b

I would like to use AD 29ch.
The value is 101101b when looking at manual of SC1 ADCH.

The range is not 11111b.

Where are the details of ADCH (SC 1) of S32K144 written?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


External channels, which are not in the range 00000 b - 11111 b are unavailable for your chip.
Unavailable channels in a particular package are Reserved for the corresponding package.
Find more details in the IO Signal Description Input Multiplexing sheets) attached to the Reference Manual.

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