No USB connection to S32k144 EVB

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No USB connection to S32k144 EVB

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Hello everyone,

I have bought the s32k144 EVB. I have the same problem like described here:
--> It seems that the normal RGB blinking SW is not flashed on the EVB. When first powering the EVB it should show the following function -->

So, the RGB blinking LED I could not see only the green LEDs. I downloaded the zip file (from the first link) and put the srec file on the EVB via Windows.
The Board blinked with D2 and then showed the red led  D1 constantly shining. When I reset the board with the OnBoard button or when I switch off/on the Power Supply, the red light stays turned on.

Anyway, when I launch the FreeMASTER SW the connection WIzard shows the COM port correctly, but gives the error: No board detected on any of specified UART communication ports.
I activated 115200 and 9600 baud.
I think, this might be related to the red light.

Later on I realized, that the chip on my EVB is a K116. Does this affect anything?

Thank you for helping



EDIT 20210810: In case of anyone else having the same problem:

--> After checking the nxp site, I realized ... maybe I do not have received a k144 EVB (even it is written on the package) but a k116 EVB. Searching for help in the community, I found the following zip:

--> When downloading the srec file (contained in the project within this zip, just search for it) onto the EVB, I see the LED blinking in RGB. It seems the board works fine. I am happy!

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