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LIN Stack for S32K116

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i need an example for a LIN Stack for the S32K116 without Processor Expert. I had some projects with the KEA family (KEAZN64 and 128) and the LIN stack was very good and small (about 17kB). The code generated from PE for S32K116 is about 45kB and looks different than the one for KEA!

could anyone please help for getting a LIN Stack example without PE for S32K116? i need this for 2 new Projects with the new S32K116 familly. 

thanks in Advance


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Hi hanisamara,

    Can you give LIN Stack for KEAZN64 and 128 to me, I am looking for them, Thank you ! 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Hani,

I’m posting what I received from our LIN Stack team. I hope it helps.

The attached LIN Stack example without PE has code size about 29kB.
This project is ported on S32K116 EVB board. Because FTM input capture for this example is used, please connect PTD0 (input capture pin) with PTC6 (RDX pin of LPUART1).
This project just use hw_access_layer to configure pin and timer and the flag to remove unused sections (-Xlinker –gc-sections) (attached file).
The current code size of LinStack is about 19kB because we have made some update, improved for the SDK version.
The current code size of LinDriver about 10kB because it uses CLOCK_SYS_GetFreq() function. This function was replaced in the example with an macro guard USER_DEFINE_LPUART_CLOCK (in file lin_hw_cfg.h) and you should fill the right clock source of LPUART module in file lin_hw_cfg. With this change the LinDriver will have code size about 5kB.
You can use another project with LinStack pex to generate LinStack configuration file (lin_cfg.c, lin_cfg.h, lin1.c, lin1.h) for this project.
If you don’t use Diagnostic layer or Transport layer in the LinStack pex, you can generate a new configuration file, it may reduce about 8kB code from 19kb code of LinStack.