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S32G serial boot

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Hi, I am a new user of S32DS and S32G-VNP-EVB, which i am trying to boot using serial boot. I have set the BMODE pins accordingly. and have tried to load a U-boot binary supplied for booting from SDcard using a terminal program (Hterm). As a result, a trace of received bytes on the port is seen I cannot understand what they represent. I have also set some blob images from a DiagnosticTest_CM7 project. I also receive a trace of bytes that I cannot intepret.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there a USB Loader(for Windows) that can be used to directly load the U-Boot file on to the board ?

2. What alternative bootloader can be used or that could be specific to the s32G serial boot?

3. How can I create a serial image in S32DS?

4. Are these received bytes to be expected? Or what is to be expected before and after serial boot has successfully completed?

5. If there is no available bootloader, where do I start on designing my own bootloader?

6. How can I load an image onto board from S32DS on serial connection?

Thanks in advance. 

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Thank you Mike. 

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Dears, any of progress on that? Please would you share with me on how to resolve those?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @samantham , @unixboy99 ,

The tool we provide for you to load the BLOB image to the S32G-VNP-EVB is the S32 Flash Tool. It is included with the S32 Design Studio install.

For the S32 Design Studio v3.4, it is located at:


There is both GUI and command line versions.

A user guide is provided which details how it should be used.

The included document shows how to create the BLOB image:

You can also locate this document from the Help->Getting Started page.

There is complete instructions for creating BLOBs, flashing to the target, etc included in the Getting Started doc:

It has many important details, highly recommend you look through it.

Best Regards,


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