S32DS and code management systems?

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S32DS and code management systems?

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I have a customer who started asking how the makefiles are generated for the SDK projects.  Is there any documentation that describes how the makefiles are generated?


Then digging in deeper it is as I expected.



His  goal is to get all files that affect the executable under configuration control (git).  This means that I would want to put things like freeRTOS source, NXP drivers/source, and build tools in my project’s directory structure instead of in the SDK install directory structure.  So I would need to modify paths in the makefiles to find the build tools and the 3rd party source files (NXP drivers, PAL files, freeRTOS source, etc).


I’m assuming that most users of the SDK have done the same thing?  If not, how do users normally approach this?


He eventually need to get builds working on a Jenkins server.  Past experience has shown that it’s easier to do that if all the dependencies are in the git repo.  If there’s a better way to do it, though, I’m happy to switch!


He is open to other approaches like:

  • Use the SDK and Component Inspector/code generator to configure the system per our hardware design and project needs.
  • Create a separate makefile project using make and gcc for my production project builds
  • Add the source files from the SDK project to the production makefile project

What is the recommended approach?

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