Can I build Autosar OS using gcc in S32

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Can I build Autosar OS using gcc in S32

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In present I study about Autosar.
My development environment is as follows.
1. S32 with gcc
2. Tresos

Recently  I downloaded the MCAL library provided by NXP. And configured using Tresos.

I also success build and compile about MPC574xG using gcc in S32. 

And I downloaded the AUTOSAR library provided by NXP. But When I looked at the source code, it seemed impossible to compile with gcc.

In other words, I wonder if I can compile the library with another 3rd party compiler.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Neither Autosar MCAL drivers nor Autosar OS are currently not supported by S32 Design Studio for Power (GCC compiler).

The supported toolchains are GHS and Windrivers.

Anyway you can customize the source files to work with GCC compiler.

Most of the source files are just C code but there are some compiler vendor specific attributes/pragmas/linker files,etc...

You can e.g start with GHS version and try to adjust it for GCC compiler:

Please find some useful links below:

How are convert GreenHills project to S32 project? 

GHS <-> S32 

Hope it helps.


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