codewarrior built in functionality for logging variable data

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codewarrior built in functionality for logging variable data

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Dear Team,

I am using S12ZVML128 MCU and Codewarrior V10.7 

I want to know is there any built in functionality available in Codewarrior to log the SW variable data sequentially with some time stamp for specific time. Like we can do it by filling the array with sw variable data.

It will be useful while debugging the issues.

Please let me know is there any functionality available in codewarrior to log the SW data.

Thanks in advance.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


One approach is to log the data to a serial terminal using printf() statements via UART.  There is a support in CodeWarrior for this and all you need is to implement low level routines to write/read from SCI.

There are terminals such as YAT ( that can display also time stamp to incoming serial message.

Another approach is to use 3rd party tools such as FreeMASTER that allows you to visualize the internal variables. It supports Recorder feature that "samples" a  variable with defined sample time.

For more information about FreeMASTER  go here:

hope it helps.




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