P1022 SDRAM test failed

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P1022 SDRAM test failed

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Hello All,

We are testing a custom board with processor P1022. The processor boots but is always stuck on the SDRAM test phases. This is observed in 2 of 15 boards so we do not consider it the problem of routing. 

The power supplies, clocks to the DDR, and reset are checked and found to be ok.

Please help regarding this issue.

Thanks and Regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You could use QCVS DDRv tool to connect to your custom board to do optimization and validation.

You could use CodeWarrior to connect to your custom board to read DDR configuration register values, then modify the attached file according to these register values. Then create a QCVS DDR project with "Import from memory file" method, using the modified file.

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