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Latest HDLC Capable Processors

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Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble finding recent processors that support HDLC. My current project uses the 8306 but it looks like that one has already been on the market for a while so I'm concerned about longevity with a new design.

The 8555E looks great as far as CPU speed, but also looks a bit dated and development boards seem to be obsolete.

I saw some threads about the UCC and that possibly being able to do HDLC? Does that mean there are other processors which support it which just may not advertise it.

I appreciate everyone's help. I have extensive embedded background but am looking to do my first design with NXP/Freescale. Primary criteria is longevity and an available development board.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Have a great day,

The latest processors with PowerPC core and QE engine are the T-series processors

For example T1023/24  (2xe5500 core) and T1013/14(single e5500 core) have 2 UCCs for HDLC and Transparent protocols up to 50 Mbps full-duplex; 256 channels of HDLC/Transparent per UCC (UMCC). It will be available till April 2029. The same HDLC support you can find on the T1040/42 (till 2027).

Also you can check the P-series processors. For example P1025/P1016 (e500 core) have 4 UCCs and will be available till December 2024.

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